Etruscan Eggs

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After sharing my Dionysos creation on Facebook, I received a challenge from a friend at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. She sent me a link to an Etruscan sculpture from their collection that she felt could also be used as promotional chicken keeping art. Here she is:

A woman with an impish smirk gently holds out an egg as she steps forward. It's as if she's offering the egg to the viewer. I felt a connection with the image right away. My first thought was that my interpretation would be iconic—like the statue—but perhaps with a wine label treatment. Boom. The text basically wrote itself. I borrowed the date from the museum description which you can read here. When researching the artwork of this time period, I encountered many mosaics in a wide range of complexity. I thought adding a simple repeating pattern of mosaic eggs to the background would be a nice touch. 

My final piece looks like this (and you can buy prints of it here):


If I had not received this challenge, I might have stopped with the Dionysos painting. Having completed the two, it makes me itch for a series. Thank you, Thea, for helping me channel this spark of inspiration into a new creative vision. 

Another thing I discovered while working on these two pieces is that so many museums now have browsable digitized high resolution catalogs of their collections. Many—like The Walters Art Museum I linked to above—include several different views so that 3D objects can be more fully appreciated. If you've never done so, take one of these digitized catalogs for a spin!

This painting was created using Kyle T. Webster's fantastic brushes for Photoshop.



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