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I'm sorry to say this shop is closed. I'll be using this page as an online portfolio from now on, so please continue to visit if you'd like to see more art. My artist statements are still available to view here. Thank you for your interest.



Highlights - get to know me & my style through these 3 posts:

Finding Inspiration from Art History

Much of my collection is directly inspired by specific artifacts from history. See how I put my own spin on this terracotta protome of Dionysos from 350 BCE.

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Firesong—finding a voice in darkness

An inspirational work evolves out of a simple concept.

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Iceland—a tribute to the Huldufólk

Learn about the Icelandic legend of the hidden folk and see the art and cultural connections that inspired my original "Discover Iceland " poster.

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A thoughtful process for meaningful designs

I choose to make art that has meaning. Behind every print is something compelling—from history, legends, and personal experience—for viewers to connect with. Read my artist statements to fully experience each piece.

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